Friday, 30 January 2009


Quite interesting pictures you'd admit...& contrasting too...

It's insightful to note that though both creatures lived millions of years ago, only the shark is alive to this day. The dinosaur on the other hand is long dead & has become extinct.

Ever wondered what distinguished them? Both were confronted with the inevitable compulsion to evolve in the face of changing global & environmental conditions. One (the shark) followed its instincts to evolve by developing highly specialized features & state-of-the-art weaponry to become the apex predator of the seas today. The dinosaur on the other hand, though a top predator in its time, was more pre-occupied with "status quo" (eating prey) & in a matter of time became extinct. Today, it can only be seen in documentaries & history museums as relics of the past.

As corporate organizations & individuals, we can infer pragmatic life lessons from this analogy...
  1. Evolve or die
  2. Evolution guarantees not just your survival but secures the future of unborn generations
  3. Competition is dynamic...nothing ever remains the same
  4. "Today" is shaped by the choices we made "yesterday" & "tomorrow" will be determined by the choices we make "today"
My opinion - "evolution is all about responding to the unforgiving stimulus to change over time in order to survive and more importantly, become dominant species".